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Creating an Arena user

Any member of a library, archive or museum which has Arena may create an Arena user account.

When you create an Arena account and link it to your Library card, logging in with either gives you access to both library and Arena functionality.

If you already have an Arena account from another library/museum/archive, see Linking library cards.

If you already are an Arena user and want to manage your personal information, see My profile.

How to create an Arena user account

  1. Locate the Login panel on the Arena welcome page.

  2. Click Create new user. The Create User ID panel will open.
  3. In Username type the name by which you wish to be known when logged in to Arena. For tips and rules nicknames see Community guidelines.
  4. In New password type your preferred password. It must be at least six characters long.
  5. In New password confirmation type your preferred password again. This ensures that you have not mistyped the password.
  6. In Email type your e-mail address.
  7. Depending on how the feature has been configured there may be more fields to fill in; if so, do.
  8. Click Save. Arena will log you in automatically, using your new account.

To manage your user account, see My Profile.

How to close an Arena user account

You cannot close an Arena account from within Arena. Contact the library staff about having your account closed.

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