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Advanced search

You may search for catalogue items by providing a range of details about what you want to find. For example, you may want to restrict your search to items published in a specific year, or written in a specific language.

How to do an advanced search

  1. Click Advanced search near the search field. The Advanced search form will appear.
  2. Use the search filters and fields to define your search and filter your search results.
  3. Click Search. The search results will appear (see Catalogue search results).

Depending on the view type and Arena configuration, the search filters and fields may be combined with a Boolean AND (except publication year, where OR is used).

For example, if you specify the language English and title potter, the search will find records in which the language is English and the title includes potter.

Rules for defining an advanced search

  • You may only search for catalogue records. Advanced search does not yet support articles.
  • You may only choose one item in each filter. For example, you may only choose one language in the language filter.
  • The search will only find records that meet all the search criteria.

Search query box

As you choose your search criteria and filter, the search query will appear in coded form in the Search query box. You may select this, copy it to Windows clipboard, and then paste it into the Search box later, to repeat this search using the search feature.

Publication year

You may search for publications From one year To another. To search for only one publication year, write that year in both the From field and the To field.

For example, for publication year 2013, write From 2013, To 2013.

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