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You may give an item a star rating, instead of or as well as, a review. The rating system uses ten stars, which indicate how much you like the item.

1 star means you dislike the item very much.

5 stars mean you quite like the item, but have some reservations about it.

10 stars mean you like the item very much, and have no reservations about it.

Once you have given an item a star rating, you may not remove the star rating but you may change it.

How to read star ratings

As a logged-in Arena user you see your own rating for a title if you have rated that title. If you have not rated that title you see the average rating for the title.

As a user who is not logged in you see the average rating for the title.

How to add or change a star rating

  1. If you have not logged in to Arena, do so now.
  2. Find the item you want to give a star rating.
  3. Click the star rating bar (row of stars) to rate the item. For example, to give the item seven stars, click the seventh star from the left.

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