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About Arena

Arena transforms your library, archive and museum membership into a whole new experience based on sharing your interests and discoveries.

With Arena you can build and share your own virtual library, meet and stay in touch with other Arena users, rate and review books, movies and music, read articles, and more.

Arena gives you access to your library, archive and museum catalogues. Search it to find what you want, then reserve it online, and collect it from your preferred branch.

The Arena screen

The Arena screen is divided into several areas. They may appear in different locations, in different colours, and with different captions and graphics, than those described here. They may even work differently, depending on how they are deployed. For this reason, when we refer to a feature here in the help, we do not specify its location on the screen. Instead we refer to the feature by its default on-screen title.

The language selector

The language selector (1) enables you to choose the language that you want to use in Arena. You may switch languages at any time. To learn more, see Switching languages.

The menu

The menu (2) is visible at all times. It contains clickable buttons for navigating to various common features of Arena.

The search tool

The search tool (3) enables you to search Arena for items in the library, archive or museum, or for articles posted in Arena. The results of the searches appear in a column on the page, where you may explore it further to find what interests you. To learn more see Searching.

The login panel

The login panel (4) is where you log in to Arena. When logged in, the login panel provides links to features relating to your Arena account. Click an item to access it. (The Login panel may duplicate some features that are available in the menu.)

Web browser add-ins

Arena may be configured to enable access to other websites. For example, it may be configured to enable you to extend or continue a search at an online book store or via a search engine. In certain circumstances, this may cause web browser add-ins, such as Google Gears, to be invoked. See Legal Notices.

Arena technology

Arena is built using technology developed by Axiell and Liferay.

Webindholdsvisning Webindholdsvisning

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