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Linking library cards

How to link your library card to your existing Arena account

If you already have an Arena account, you can connect your library card to your existing Arena account.

  1. Locate the Login panel.
  2. Log in with your card and PIN at this library.
  3. In the Create Arena User panel, click on the tab I already have an Arena Username.
  4. In Username type your Arena username.
  5. In Password type your Arena password.
  6. Click Link my account.

How to link library cards from multiple libraries

If you have library cards from different libraries you can connect them in Arena, to be able to search in all catalogues.  Each library is then found under its own tab for My reservations, My loans and My charges.

  1. Locate the Login panel.
  2. Go to My profile.
  3. Log in with your Arena user name and password.
  4. In the section Create my Username, type your Library card number from the library that you want to link to the Arena account, and its PIN code.
  5. Read the Arena terms of use and tick the box next to it.
  6. Click Link library card.

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