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You may search every library, archive and museum collection to which Arena has access. The search includes records for all available media types, such as library and museum catalogue records, archives and collections.

For example, if you search Arena for "harry potter", your search results may include Harry Potter books in various formats; DVDs, scripts, articles, museum artefacts, etc.

If your search finds nothing, Arena will do a fuzzy search for you, automatically. A fuzzy search tries to find records that closely (but not exactly) match your search criteria. For example, if you searched for pottre but found nothing, Arena will do a fuzzy search, and will find close matches, such as potter. This feature does not apply to Advanced Search.

How to do a simple search

  1. In the search text box, type the text you want to find. For example, if you are searching for Harry Potter, type harry potter. It does not matter whether you use uppercase or lowercase letters.
  2. Select Records or Articles in the dropdown, depending on what you want to find.
  3. Click Search. (See Catalogue search results or Article search results for the search results.)

You may specify an author or title in your search by using the special author and title keywords. The following examples show how to enter these searches:

  • author:larsson will find items where the author name includes larsson (records and articles).
  • author:jane austen will find items where the author name includes jane austen (records and articles).
  • title:potter will find items where the title includes potter (records only).
  • title:pride prejudice will find items where the title includes pride and prejudice (records only).

Other prefixes that you can use to limit your search in the catalogue are:

  • category:  fiction or nonfiction.  Applied by using fictioncategory and nonfictioncategory
  • classificationCode: First letter should be a capital letter, for example Hce. Classification code is case-sensitive
  • language: Use the first three letters of the English word for the language, for example language:swe
  • mediaClass: Used to search the media type, for example book, cd, document, periodical.
  • number: ISBN, ISSN, volume number
  • publicationYear: Can also be used for range, for example, Publication Year: [2010 TO 2013]
  • publisher: The name of the publisher
  • resourceType:  Search either physical or electronical
  • subject: Keywords in the catalogue records
  • targetAudience: a (adult) or j (junior)

Language specific characters

If you want to search for a phrase that has a language specific character in it, Arena will take care of the mapping with similar character(s). For example, if you want to search for Brontë, you will get the same results if you type Bronte.

Web-sisällön esitys Web-sisällön esitys

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