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Tag cloud

Tags provide a way for you to find interesting items, mark items so you don't forget them, and build collections of related items. This text is about how the tags work in Arena; for instructions on how to do when adding and deleting tags see Tags.

About tags

A tag is a word or phrase that you may attach to an item in the library, archive or museum's catalogue, to identify it in a meaningful way. For example, you may tag a classic novel with a tag called 'classics'. You may then tag any other similar novel with the same tag. This tag links the items with a word that described something which they have in common.

Tags are available to all Arena users. This means that tags which you have created may be used by other Arena users to find related items in the library, archive or museum. Tags may be used by any Arena user to tag other related items. So, for example, a large collection of 'classics' may be built up by many Arena users. By using tags, your discovery of one item may lead to many others that you also like.

You may add whatever tags you like, whenever you like, and keep them for as long as you like. For example, you could use a tag to tag books that you think will be useful in a school project, and then remove the tag from those items when you have finished the project.

A tag may be used to create more complex links for special interest groups and clubs. For example, if you are interested in sailing, you may use a 'sailing' tag to link books about boat maintenance, sailing-related novels, sailing skills, boat racing, biographies, magazines, history, photography, museums, art, and so on, which would normally belong to a disparate range of categories in the library, archive or museum catalogue. In this way, you may find all these items at once by searching using the 'sailing' tag.

The tag cloud

As you use Arena, it displays selections of tags (up to 10) that it thinks will be of interest to you, in a place called a tag cloud.

When you start searching for items, the tag cloud contains the most popular tags used recently by all Arena users. You may click one of these tags to search for items which have that tag attached to them. For example, if you click the 'classics' tag, Arena will find all items that have the 'classics' tag attached to them, whether they are books, movies, music, or others.

Searching with the tag cloud

  • When you search in Arena, Arena finds the tags attached to the items it has found, and displays the most popular of them in the tag cloud. If you click on a tag, all items that have that tag attached to them are listed. The tag cloud repopulates with tags for each item found.
  • Tags are shown in different font sizes, depending on how frequently they are used, with the most frequently used tags shown in the largest font.

For instructions on how to do when adding and deleting tags see Tags.

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