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Media list

My Media is a basket to store items that interest you as you use Arena. You may view and work with items here at any time. For example, you may collect items that you are considering borrowing. You may then review the items in the basket and select one or more of them to reserve.

Whatever you add to My Media remains after you log off from Arena, so you can return to it the next time you log in. Your My Media basket is accessible only to you; no other Arena users can see it.

How to add an item to My Media

1.    Find an item that interests you.
2.    Click Add to media list.

How to work with items you have added to My Media

  1. View My media.
  2. Tick the box next to the title(s) you want to do something with.
  3. Above the list of titles is a toolbar at which you may do one of the following:
  • Click Send to email the list to a recipient. You must have at least one title selected.
  • Click Print to print the list. You must have at least one reservation selected.
  • Click Download to download the list. You must have at least one reservation selected.
  • Click Select all to select all items on the page.
  • Click Unselect all to unselect all items.
  • Click Delete to delete the selected items.
  • Click Reserve to reserve the selected items.

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