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If you want to borrow emedia, you find the links at the bottom of the item details. The option on top of the list of links is the one recommended for your device.

  1. Click the link for your device.
    A dialogue opens.
  2. Click the link to download a file or to read/listen online.

If you download a file to your device, that is where you continue reading/listening next time. If you read/listen online, you find the link under My loans next time when you want to continue.

Loans for different devices

For some emedia, when you borrow it for one device, you are allowed to read/listen to it on other devices as well just borrowing it this once.

For other emedia, you need to create a new loan for each device (platform) you want to access the emedia.

The feedback you get when clicking the emedia link to borrow the emedia will tell which option applies to your item.

My loans

You find the emedia loans under My loans, in the same list as your physical loans.

  1. Click Download.
    A dialogue opens.
  2. Click the link to start reading/listening. If different device platforms are presented (one loan allows you to access the item on different devices), click the link for the device you are currently using.

One title – many parts

If the emedia consists of many parts (chapters, for example), these are listed when you have made the loan.

Extra material

If extra material is mentioned in the emedia, for example exercise booklets, then you can find this listed as supplementary links when you have made the loan.

Web Content Display Web Content Display

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